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About Tech Leader Advance

Hi, Iā€™mĀ Jason Jantzi, founder of Tech Leader Advance at PFI ProDev Inc.

Over the past 17 years, I have worked at Electronic Arts and more recently at Epic Games, overseeing the development and delivery process for numerous releases of FIFA, Frostbite, and Fortnite - along with many other products and teams, large and small.

In 2023, I founded Tech Leader Advance with the intention of helping game dev organizations from small mobile teams right up to massive triple-A franchisesĀ deliver more efficiently and predictably, while still retaining the flexibility to respond to a creative and dynamic environment.

Click here to schedule an introductory ZoomĀ to discuss ways we can work together. If you prefer, there are other ways to reach me on theĀ contact page.


Our general approach is to help you develop the business systems, processes, andĀ leaders Ā to operate your organization at the scale you need today - and over the next few years.

We operate on the basis of equipping you with the very same tools and capabilities we would implement directly if we were employees of your organization. We do this in the following ways:

  • Help you assess where your greatest needs are
  • Provide tools, processes, and coaching to address them
  • Help you tailor them and implement them effectively
  • Provide ongoing operational guidance and support

Unlike traditional consulting practices with an in-built incentive to develop a dependency on them for ongoing business, we focus on equipping you with the vehicleĀ you need to to deliver reliable resultsĀ - with our support, if you wish - but without requiring us toĀ drive it.

This keeps you in the driver's seat, and your costs reasonable.