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Case Studies

Solving Real-World Problems
in Game Dev Organizations

Note: To preserve confidentiality, the names and some of the details in the following case studies have been altered. However, the substantive issues, activities, and resolutions are directionally intact, and are provided here to illusrtate the sorts of problems and solutions we deal with.

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 Jason is very knowledgeable about the gaming industry and the processes used in game development. I found him easy to work with: he is professional and personable, and could readily advise on both people and technical topics.

Eugene van der Meulen
Sr. Director of Operations, Electronic Arts

 Jason has vast experience in interfacing with teams of many sizes and the ability to adapt to the current needs of an organization. I have been impressed in how Jason can identify weak links in process and quickly help teams address these issues, all the while working with other stakeholders, to implement sustainable solutions.

Brett Bourbin
Director of Engineering, Electronic Arts

 Jason has experience shipping some of the industries biggest games. Jason’s depth of experience consistently helped the team make effective decisions while respecting the values and cultures of sub teams. He understands the complexities of building teams, managing budgets, bringing organizational change while building high quality games against a tight timeline. Any advice he provides is always rooted in what really happens and not theoretical environments.

Grace Yen
Development Director, Electronic Arts

Jason is a deep thinker and brings broad experience to issues and challenges.  He listens, probes, asks questions and has a genuine desire to make things better at individual, team and organisational levels. 

Harvey Wheaton
Senior Director, Epic Games

I had the pleasure of working with Jason for several years on the Frostbite program management team where he was a great force for structure, efficiency and professionalism. The global Frostbite Engine team did a transformative journey of scaling to achieve operational excellence that Jason played a critical part in orchestrating.

Anders Hellspong
Senior Director of Program Management, Electronic Arts

Jason possesses a remarkable depth of knowledge and experience in managing teams of varying sizes, demonstrating a rare understanding of the human element within the professional realm. His adeptness at navigating the intricacies and challenges inherent in leading large, highly technical teams is truly commendable.

Daniel Martin
Director of Engineering, Electronic Arts